SECRET to Clean Tear Stains

We love our persian cats because of their beauty.  But what if your cat is less than perfect because they have yucky eye stains?  I have a secret that some people will not want you to know about. I've looked into this a ton.

Stained eyes vs dirty eyes


  • Some cats get dirty eyes from their tears but will clean up easily with just water and there is no permanent staining.

  • Some cats have tears that permanently stain the fur and you really cannot remove the stain. All you can do for the stained part is 'cover it'.  


Cleaning: For eyes that stain, you will still need to clean their eyes daily or even 2x a day.  The best thing to use is a clean cloth or cotton ball or pad and saline solution that includes boric acid and remove all the gunk.  Make sure their eyes are closed. Be gentle.  Their eyes are sensitive.  If there is a lot of dried up gunk you need to moisten with warm water till it is loosened and then remove and NOT scratch it off - this can act as a scab and cause the area to bleed.  For excessive staining, you may want to carefully trim away much of the fur around the eyes to prevent it from caking up.

Then.... put some make up over the stain.  I know... but, there is a method to the madness here...  It's a process but it works.  Read on....


(Here's the SECRET) The white powder that is sold at the cat shows for tear stains, is just "titanium dioxide" powder. It "might" have an anti bacterial ingredient in it but most products do not. They will tell you their ingredients are "proprietary" - because they want to sell it to you for a huge markup.


You can find it easily and affordably on Amazon. Look for non-toxic, food grade and organic powder - Titanium Dioxide is a naturally occuring mineral and will not harm your cat. It can help absorb future tears and prevent staining till new fur grows out which will help long term - but for a temporary solution when you want your cat to look pretty and stain free, it's basically makeup for them. It does cover the stains completely (on white cats) till it wears off - you have to re-apply 2x a day or at least 1x a day. It really helps and has never irritated my cats eyes. It's very affordable and is the only thing you can do for actual "STAINING" aside from a chemical bleach that could really harm your cats eyes and still, that would only be a temporary fix.  

Stain cover up and prevention: This is what I do.  (I'm sure there are other opinions on the method of use) First, clean eyes as stated above, and dry (keep it only slightly damp), then get a small (unused) tooth brush or similar, dip in titanium dioxide powder and work a tiny bit (you don't need much) into the stained fur when fur is still only slighly damp. Then put a light "top coat" of powder on top to absorb the new tears during the day - the powder will help absorb the tears and next time you clean, it will not be as bad. If you keep up on it, the stained fur will eventually grow out and new fur growth will be protected and not permanently stained! :)

The important thing is to use the powder EVERY TIME you clean their eyes, and eventually the deep staining will go away.


Caution: There may be underlying reasons your cats are tearing up. 


  1. Eye infections or sickness.  Always consult your veterinarian and ensure your cat does not have a health concern.

  2. Make sure your cat has clean drinking water daily.  Some recommend using only bottled water but I don't have any proof of this, though not a bad idea.  Mine get filtered water through a berkey.

  3. Could be food related as well.  Feed high quality food.  Some breeders swear by feeding a raw diet.

  4. There are antibotic powders that you can put in their food that some people use - I have not had the need to try this but that may help.  Ask your vet for medical options.



I hope this helps.