Orange Bell

D.O.B. 10-8-21
Breed: Doll Faced Persian
Gender:  Female
Color:  Shaded Silver


About Silver Persians

Orange Bell has an adorable floofy face like daddy, Edison, but will have a slightly darker, shaded silver coat - What that means is that the tips of her fur are going to be silver and the rest of it will be white.  She has the perfect doll face we all adore.  Just look at her black eyeliner!  Her coat is long and thick, it's just gorgeous.  She has a loving and playful temperament too and is a little purr machine.  Don't skimp on her treats!  It's easy to spoil these babies.  She loves her toys... get some feather wands and she will run herself dizzy chasing them.  Kittens really are little angels with whiskers and paws!

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