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We have a small CFA cattery in our home.  The look of our Persians is becoming more rare as the evolution of the breed has changed over the years. Our focus is breeding the original "doll face" Persians.  While this is now a "nickname", it is commonly known because these highly sought after Persians are stunning with their adorable heart shaped "doll face".  You may not know, but doll face Persians are closer to the look of the original breed and we feel that needs to be protected. 


Our kittens have a loving temperament, long soft fur and quiet "meows", sometimes only little squeaks :)   Our traditional pedigreed Persians differ from today's "extreme face or flat faced" show Persians and also tend to have fewer sinus and health problems that many of the flat faced Persians can sometimes have.  Doll face Persians typically don't face these same issues and we feel it's important to know the difference before bringing a new Persian home.  I don't mean to discredit other breeders who choose the CFA standard of breeding, not all will have health concerns and the best breeders will choose quality when breeding.  I wanted you to be aware that we do things differently than the current standard, for specific reasons so you can decide what is best for you.

This is one special breed and I fell in love with them because, well... for their doll faces and they will have long soft fur.  Their fur does require regular grooming to keep it beautiful and tangle free. 


I will answer any questions you may have and help you along the way to decide if owning a Persian is a good fit for you and your family.


My daughters are the best helpers, and we each take care of the kittens until deserving families can enjoy their companionship. Our fur-babies are raised with love in our home in Eagar, AZ with our three youngest children, the parents of the kittens, and one cocker spaniel/shih tzu dog, Moby! :) 


The kittens receive so much attention which contributes to a highly socialized kitten who loves people!  Hey... it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it! :)  These kittens are so social that they run up to us when we enter the room.  They love to play, be cuddled and kissed... and there is no shortage of that in this home.

We adore animals and for several years lived on a farm where we raised goats, chickens and rabbits.  We each took turns milking a dairy goat morning and night for about 2 years.  We loved the life we lived, being outdoors and away from the big city. 


After living in Tucson Arizona for 4 years, we decided the country life suited us much better and we made the move back to Eagar, AZ.  This is a nice family oriented town in the White Mountains and is about 1 hour East of Show Low, AZ.   


We all take a part in caring for, playing with, feeding and cleaning up after our Persian kittens and cats.  Regular grooming keeps their coats nice and soft as well as keeps the shedding to a minimum.... and I think it gives my girls some great responsibility in caring for animals.  A win/win 

We each enjoy playing with, loving and taking care of the babies until they find their forever homes.  We don't name the babies here.  You will frequently see their "bell color" on their collar to identify them.  We girls have soft hearts and they broke too many times when we named them, got close and had to say goodbye.  So now, they have a "bell" color for a name so we can "try" not to get too attached.  Try as we may, it helps us, after they go home, for the new families to update us with photos periodically!  You should see the JOY on the faces of the girls when they see little "pink bell" or "green bell".. being loved on by a new family member.  We will recall what we loved about that specific kitten and examine the look of the kitten as he/she grows and see if we can determine if the kitten looks more like the momma or Edison.  

As we develop the love and bond to these babies, it is our hope that we will have them perfectly ready for your family to continue that love... for many years.  We feel we are now connected to you through our babies .. almost family.  We love any updates you can provide :)

You will receive a care package with items that will be helpful when you first bring your kitten home.

Our Traditional Doll Face Persian Kittens are specifically sought after and there truly is nothing that compares to their temperament.  They give the love they receive.  They know they are special, and we know it too.  If you are fortunate enough to receive one of these dolls, you will have a cherished friend and member of your household to love for years to come.  Just remember... when you bring them home... they are now in charge! lol  A little cat humor. :)  But kinda true lol


As you are looking for your new beloved family member, we offer a word of caution about scammers.  There are unfortunately so many of them now and they entice you on a nice looking convincing website with cute - sometimes stolen, pictures from legitimate breeders and offer unheard of low prices.  Please never send money till you check their social media sites as well as talk to them on the phone.  The fake ones won't talk to you and they won't have a legitimate history on social media.  It's so tempting... but don't be fooled by cheap cat ads.  Unfortunately, pricing below the standard could indicate either a scam or low breeding standards. 

Do your homework. Responsible breeders will have positive feedback from real customers on their Facebook page, updated photos of the kittens in their new homes, have a website and clear information about how to care for your kitten, etc... Too many disappointed families have been fooled.  

Enjoy your search for your new family member.  If you have any questions, please let me know!



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