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Our kitten prices:

There is not one set price that applies to all kittens, colors or gender or age.  Kitten pricing has a variety of factors that are considered and are set on an individual basis. Prices start around $2000

Transportation costs are extra - See this link  Note:  It does not cost extra from the airline to fly two kittens at the same time.


Breeding rights MAY be available in your area if you have an established CFA cattery - please contact me to discuss your breeding goals.

Price includes all vet visits prior to going to your home.  Depending on the age of the kitten, you may need to schedule a visit with your local veterinarian to complete the set of kitten immunizations.  Then an annual booster is needed.

If you are interested in us holding a specific kitten, you may place a deposit of $500. All deposits are non-refundable unless an unforeseen circumstance were to arise on our behalf.  Your deposit is applied to the kitten cost.  We will never ask for another deposit or fee of any kind till your kitten is in your arms.

Selection of kitten using deposit must be made by the time the kitten is 4 weeks old. If at 4 weeks, you decide to wait for another kitten, the deposit is transferable to another available kitten from any litter, present or future. 

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