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Pet Transportation

If you live close enough to drive, we can arrange pickup in Eagar, AZ.  We also offer personal delivery.


If you live within 10 hours driving distance, I will personally deliver via ground transportation for $500.  The kitten will be provided with a spacious crate for comfort.  They will have access to food, water, litter box and comfort from me during the drive.  This is less stressful for the kitty than flying. 


If you live further away, we can arrange for the kitten to fly to your nearest airport.  We prefer to personally deliver the kitten to you, but if the timing does not work out, we can use a pet delivery service.  The kitten will fly from the Phoenix, AZ, airport, to your nearest airport for a fee of typically $550 to most U.S. locations. TBD


I will drive the kitten to the Phoenix airport (4.5 hour drive each way - $200) The kitten will safely fly in cabin with me or our trusted nanny transport delivery.  Our desire is for your kitten to have a calm travel experience.  The important thing is that an actual person will be with your kitten to love on and comfort the kitten till he/she arrives safely to you.  

It's possible to find inexpensive single day round trip flights, so you are also welcome to fly to Arizona and I will meet you at the Phoenix airport.  The airline requires a soft cloth pet carrier and the kitty will travel in cabin with you right under your seat as a carry on, but there is a fee, usually around $125, so call the airline in advance to find out what is required. You will be able to give the kitten little pets and comfort them on their journey to your home.  We will provide you with the necessary veterinary paperwork and sample food the kitten is used to, for the flight.

You will need to bring your own pet carrier to take your baby home. 

Cargo flights are no longer an option.  Only safe, comfortable, in cabin air travel :)

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