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♥ Queen Dixie ♥















Female -  Chinchilla silver Doll Face Persian

Dixie is our Chinchilla silver Doll face persian.  She is a striking beauty with her green eyes, black eyeliner and near white fur.

Dixie is 2 years old.  We were concerned she would not get pregnant as she didn't seem to like Edison at all for awhile.  She gets along beautifully with our other adult girls, but did not want to mate.  It was all in the timing.  When the time was right she became a mother of stunning chinchilla silver doll face Persians.

Her 2nd litter was born on 9-12-2020.

See her 1st babies here on instagram - Just sooo adorable.  If you wish to be on the waiting list for her babies, please fill out this form.

She is a beautiful mother.  She uses her paw to caress them as they nurse.  There are few other things I've witnessed in this life as sweet and special.

She has a quiet personality and a quiet "voice".  She loves to be pet, but does not prefer to be held.  We make that our #1 priority with the kittens.  ALL our kittens are so used to being held and loved on so when they go home, they are SO friendly.  Dixie is not timid, as she comes close to us for love and you can tell she loves to be close to her human family.  She loves to play with toys too :)  

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