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♥ Queen Dazzle ♥

Female -  Shaded Golden Doll Face Persian.

Dazzle, really has some exotic and striking features and is a shaded golden doll face persian.  When she came to our family., we quickly fell in love with her.  Dazzle is the sweetest and most patient momma.  When she gives birth - even if we are right there helping her, she always comes and calls for us to go back in and "look"... it seems she is telling us.... "look what I have!!".  She will gently bite on our hands and pull us and call to go see her new babies.  It's THE sweetest thing ever.  It amazes me to watch her care for her babies.  She seems to know each one and if one is missing, she carefully brings him/her back to where the others are.   Don't let her wild features fool you, she has a sweet personality, purrs sweetly and gazes up at us with her wide copper eyes.  We adore watching her as she spends her days loving, caressing and cleaning her babies. She's trusts us  to come look after her kittens as well.  She knows we are loving them, too.

Dazzle on Instagram:

My view from the side

Video of me looking adorable

Dazzle with her brand new babies

Dazzle with BIGGER babies

Proud Momma of her VERY first litter

♥ Dazzles Parents ♥

Dazzles Mom
Dazzles Dad

♥ More Photos of Dazzle ♥

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