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Meet "Fanta"

> Color: Cream & White Bi-Color
> Gender: Male
> Born: January 23, 2024
> Eye color: Possibly Copper
> Parents:  Delilah and Stephan

Meet Fanta!  This bubbly little light colored cream and white bi-color boy has already developed a loving personality.  He is the first one to come over and snuggle when the babies get play time!  He loves his little rattle mouse, and balls to chase.  He's getting braver when climbing his cat tower.  He eats and drinks on his own and mastered the litter box!  Fanta is just a doll and will be a lap kitty!  His brother is another cream and you can find his facebook page under "Beignet the doll face Persian"

CLICK on photos below to open in larger window:

To reserve, you can place a $200 deposit for a specific kitten (deposit is applied toward the cost of the kitten), the balance is paid at time of delivery.  No other deposits or payments are accepted till the kitten is in your arms.  There will never be additional surprise costs.  Transportation outside of Arizona is extra. To reserve a kitten, please fill out our contact form and I will contact you and answer any questions you may have.  Shan :)

If you are fortunate enough to get one of our doll face beauties, you will have something truly special.  Our kittens are nicknamed "Doll Face" Persians because they have the traditional Persian facial structure and are truly little "dolls". Your kitten will be highly socialized and used to being loved on by our family of 5. 

Transportation outside of AZ is available


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